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Woman Dropped The Phone Into The Sea Only To This White Beluga Whale To Return It To Her

Sea mammals are, without a doubt, the cleverest among sea creatures. We have come across a variety of news by now to prove that fact but it seems like they still manage to amaze us with their potential.

Ina Maniska and her friends got to experience the friendly and gentle nature of a beluga whale first hand when they were on a boat ride off Hammerfest, Norway.

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Mansika dropped her phone into the water after a small accident, and they all were so surprised when this white beluga whale approached them with the phone that they thought to be lost. The whale came to say “hi!” “We laid down on the dock to look at it and hopefully get the chance to pat it,” Mansika recalled the incident to The Dodo.

sea creatures

“I had forgotten to close my jacket pocket and my phone fell in the ocean,” she said. “We assumed it would be gone forever, until the whale dove back down and came back a few moments later with my phone in its mouth!”

“I was super happy and thankful that I got my phone back.” She said that everyone was so surprised by the act of the creature, that they almost didn’t believe what they saw.

The short clip of the beluga whale returning the phone:

However, the phone is broken beyond repair. Despite that, we have to agree that it was still a lovely gesture from a friendly and intelligent beluga whale!

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